Forging a new path in the Gateway to the Midwest

I’ll be frank: When I was invited to fly to Saint Louis, MO to interview for a data viz/news developer position at The St. Louis Post-Dispatch by deputy managing editor Bob Rose in January –– a position that, to my recollection at the time, I’d not even applied for — I didn’t seriously think I’d decide to end up staying there if offered a position.

I figured I’d just visit the Gateway City, check off the tourist list, eat some famous STL BBQ, meet new people and generally have a nice weekend away from the sensory overload of Manhattan. What would be to lose, right?

A lot more was to gain, in fact. Or perhaps more to regain, I should say.

My longtime scholarly interest in metro daily news organizations and the important, nearly irreplaceable watchdog function they provide the cities and regions they serve was rekindled almost immediately upon walking inside the pre-war style, drab yet somehow regal complex in downtown St. Louis that the Post-Dispatch & calls home.
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