Go back to your kitchen, woman! Sexist heckler in row at Oxford Tories meeting

Original cover story as it appeared in The Oxford Student (link):

Sexist slurs at OUCA event

By Carl Lewis

News Editor

The Oxford Student



Less than a week after reaffiliating with the University, Oxford’s Conservative Association has become entangled in a scandal over allegations of sexism at one of its events.oxstucover

Vitus van Rij, a Tory student from King’s College London, allegedly shouted “Kitchen, kitchen, shush up woman, go back to the kitchen” at a female speaker during OUCA’s Port and Policy event on Sunday night at the Oxford Union. Continue reading

Foreign students vote fraudulently

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Date: 13/05/2010

Contact: news@oxfordstudent.com

Some non-UK students had the chance to vote fraudulently in last week’s election because of lax safeguards and mistaken electoral rolls—and at least 13 foreign students claim to have actually voted illegally, an Oxford Student investigation has revealed.

Eight of the students interviewed declined to speak on the record or reveal their college affiliation publicly, citing concerns about revealing publicly that they broke the law or – more frequently – not wishing to speak negatively about College administrators who failed to compare for accuracy the data provided to them by local electoral officials.

Max Gallien, a German student at Queen’s College – who as an EU citizen was eligible to vote in the local council election but not in the general election – said he cast a ballot in the Oxford East parliamentary contest after election workers confirmed to him he could vote in both races.

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“Slay the Jews?!”

“Slay the Jews?!”

Police report contradicts Israeli minister’s allegation of racist abuse by Union member (link to story on OxfordStudent.com)

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By Carl Lewis, News Editor


6 May 2010

Police have found no evidence for the widely reported claim that a student protester yelled “Slay the Jews” during an Israeli minister’s speech at the Oxford Union last term.

A video analysis of the event has revealed that Noor Rashid, a third-year at Teddy Hall, gave an accurate account to authorities concerning what he shouted at Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

It did not find any evidence that Rashid uttered the Arabic phrase “Idhbah al-yahud,” meaning “kill the Jews,” as Mr. Ayalon told the audience, and other media outlets have previously suggested.

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