Some of the websites and online journalism platforms I’ve created:

  • – In February 2011, I created the first ever online edition for my university’s student newspaper, The Mercer Cluster. The site uses the WordPress publishing platform, which allows individual section editors to post their content for each issue in a simple and quick manner. It also includes multimedia capabilities and social networking intergration. See the site live here.

  • – While serving as news editor for Oxford University’s weekly student-run newspaper, The Oxford Student, I developed a new Web site for the publication in April 2010. I replaced the clunky previous site with a fresh, streamlined publishing system with a clean design and simple editing tools. The site now receives about 6,000 views a day, and has dramatically increased the paper’s readership by creating a stronger online presence. Click here to see the site live.



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  • – While at Oxford, I also got involved with Exposition Magazine – a termly research, art and politics magazine – and was tasked with creating the publication’s first Web site. The site debuted in October 2010, and has since accrued a number of corporate advertisers. I now oversee the design and help publish new content, corresponding with editors overseas via email. Click here to see the site live.


  • – During my sophomore year of college, I created an online student guide to Macon, Ga. as part of the local revitalization group’s efforts to bridge the gap between town and gown. I worked with my Civic and Community journalism class at Mercer to produce content for the site, then acquired funding from the Knight Foundation and the College Hill Alliance to purchase space for and publicize the project. The result was a dynamic, user-driven guide to the hipper elements of Georgia’s third-largest city. Click here to see the site live.



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  • – In December 2010, I designed a Web site for Friendly Express, a 40-location convenience store chain in South Georgia. Click here to view the page live.